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My Home Arcade Projects


Welcome to my documentation of my strange and wondrous journey into the land of home arcades. The concept for this hobby was born after discovering the M.A.M.E (TM) software engine. It was through this inventive program that I saw it was possible for most if not all of the arcade classics I enjoyed in my youth to be rediscovered. I became immediately enthralled with the idea of playing "Punchout", "Donkey Kong", "Star Castles", and all of the other great arcade games. I soon found, however, that playing these games with a keyboard was not the same as using the original joystick and buttons. This where BYOAC came in.

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Through my research I found this web site where enthusiasts like me were building actual arcade cabinets to play their games in. I knew immediately that I had to do the same. Thus, the "Maimster Machine" was born...or at least, the idea for it. This site details my goal to make my own arcade masterpiece ( flawed version of one) and what else is on the horizon.

First things first....Do I build or do I buy and transform?


My First Marquee Attempt



Finding a Cab

Cleaning and Planning

Cleaning and Planning II

 Wiring the CP

and Obtaining Other Parts

Computer   Used



Upcoming Projects